Root Canal Therapy

Just when you think a tooth is beyond saving, Dr. Skidmore and his team may surprise you. In the past, teeth damaged by injury, decay, or infection were often pulled. Advances in dental technology allow us to restore natural form and function to more teeth than ever before.

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When Does Root Canal Therapy Become an Option?

Once infection is present in a tooth or an abscess forms at the root tip, a root canal may be the only option for saving the tooth. If nerve tissue has been exposed due to injury or trauma, it may still be possible to save the root structure and preserve the natural tooth. Tooth decay can be sneaky. What appears to be a small cavity on the surface may have already infiltrated the pulp. Does eating bring about a painful toothache or dull throbbing? If so, chances are the decay reached the level where a simple filling is not enough to reduce tooth pain.

What is a Root Canal?

Damaged nerve tissue causes teeth to die slowly. This nerve tissue delivers the blood and nourishment needed to keep a tooth healthy, so when decay or infection interrupt the flow, the tooth is in danger. Your dentist begins by removing the pulp and nerves from the root structure. The root is cleared of bacteria and infected tissue for optimal success. The natural structure of the tooth is reinforced by a special medicated dental material that is used as a space filler.  Searching for a root canal Temecula residents find no more painful than getting a filling? Dr. Skidmore and his team provide pain relief and healing through root canal therapy.

What Can I Expect of the Process?

  1. Local anesthetic allows dentists access to the pulp.
  2. Length of root canal is measured.
  3. Any remaining live tissues, decay, and infection are removed from the roots.
  4. The tooth root canals are shaped and sterilized.
  5. A special medicated dental material is sealed in with gutta percha.
  6. The tooth is filed down to accept a crown and restore normal function.

What Can I Expect?

Once a tooth is fully developed, the natural tooth structure can be preserved by your dentist. As part of your regular dental exams, Dr. Skidmore will check on the health of the root canal and custom crown. Cosmetic dentistry focuses on finding the best tooth restoration to get your smile back on track. Give us a call at (951) 506-2424 or visit us online to schedule a consultation.