Teen Invisalign®

Teen Invisalign®: The Clear Teeth Straightening Option For Teens

Teens tend to be self conscious — and often quite concerned about their appearance. It can be a bit challenging to help teens feel confident during these difficult years, but one simple swap when it comes to teeth straightening can make all the difference. Instead of traditional metal braces, have you considered clear braces like Teen Invisalign® for your teenager? Invisalign for Teens is specially made for adolescent patients, and it’s geared to help them succeed on their journey to a straighter smile. Here’s what you need to know about the advantages of Teen Invisalign®.

Say Goodbye to Metal Braces

Teen Invisalign® allows your teen to completely skip all the brackets and wires. The Invisalign aligners are made from a flexible but strong clear plastic. Aligners are shaped to your teen’s mouth, so they fit over the teeth snugly enough to be virtually invisible. In fact, this snug fit has another side benefit: the aligners shield the teeth, so there’s less plaque buildup. This translates into healthier teeth and gums.

Less Office Visits

Teen Invisalign® patients only need to visit Dr. Skidmore about once every 4-6 weeks for monitoring and care. Metal braces wearers see the dentist for check-ups about the same amount. However, when your teen wears metal braces, extra visits are likely to be needed. Loose wires and brackets often add extra time in the dentist’s office, but you don’t have this issue with Invisalign Teen.

Easy to Wear

Teen Invisalign® aligners are comfortable and easy to wear. They’re worn about 22 hours a day, and most teens don’t even feel the aligners after a short time. Your teen needs to swap aligner sets every two weeks until treatment if finished.

Easier Oral Hygiene

Teenage patients often complain about how difficult oral hygiene is when wearing metal braces. With Teen Invisalign® treatment, dental care is much easier — in fact, your teen’s oral hygiene routine can be just the same as always. Teen Invisalign aligners are removed for two things: Oral hygiene and eating. This means your teen will be able to do a thorough brushing and flossing job without obstructions like brackets and wires.

Looking For a Metal Braces Alternative in Temecula?

If your teen needs teeth straightening and you want an easier braces alternative, Teen Invisalign® might be the perfect solution. Dr. Michael Skidmore and his whole team can help with teen dentistry, family dentistry, kids dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and much more. Contact the practice anytime during normal business hours to arrange an appointment for your teenager to learn more about the Teen Invisalign® treatment.