Family Dentistry

Dr. Skidmore is your Temecula Family Dentist

Family dentistry is a wide ranging field today — and that’s one of the main reasons to make your Temecula dentist a family dentist. Every member of your family, from the baby to the super seniors, can see a family dentist for all of their dental care needs.

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Family dentistry in Temecula

Routine Dentistry for the Entire Family

As your family dentist in Temecula, Dr. Michael Skidmore is here to help with all kinds of routine dentistry. This includes general check-ups and teeth cleanings, which most patients should have at least once a year. Your visit to our office will include X-rays, a complete exam with Dr. Skidmore, a discussion of any concerns you might have, a teeth cleaning with our dental hygienist, and scheduling of any follow-ups that might be needed. For example, if you have tooth decay and need to have cavity fillings, a root canal, or another procedure, we can schedule your procedure promptly.

Optional Cosmetic Procedures for a Healthy Smile

Another popular type of service offered by family dentists like Dr. Skidmore is cosmetic dentistry. In many cases, cosmetic dentistry not only improves the look of the smile, but it also improves the way that your teeth function. For example, the clear braces called Invisalign® are a great way to straighten and beautify your smile — but they’re also an effective way to correct bite problems like overbite.

Another options for cosmetic smile improvement, CEREC Crowns, can make the teeth more beautiful and more uniform looking — but they also make the teeth stronger. Dental implants are usually classified as a cosmetic dentistry procedure, but they’re also able to give you a fully functional set of teeth even if you had none before.

Perhaps the most popular of all cosmetic dentistry procedures is teeth whitening. While you might be familiar with the over the counter teeth whitening kits and toothpastes, those are worlds apart from the professional teeth whitening offered by Dr. Skidmore. You can expect to achieve multiple shades of whitening in most cases, so talk to Dr. Skidmore about your concerns and goals for your smile.

Looking for a Family Dentist Who Cares?

Dr. Skidmore and the whole team dedicate themselves to giving their complete attention to all of our family dentistry patients. We believe in taking the time to give you the information and care that you need and deserve. Contact us if you’re looking for a Temecula dentist who really cares!