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What’s Holding You Back From Visiting Your Temecula Dentist?

Michael Skidmore, DDS - Temecula Dentist

We know the idea of booking your next dental hygiene cleaning and checkup might be low on your priority list. Many people are anxious about visiting the dentist for a variety of reasons. No matter what has held you back in the past, let us reassure you: Here at the Temecula dentist office of Dr. Michael […]

What’s Living In Your Mouth…and What’s It Doing To Your Heart?

What’s living in your mouth? Why is it there? It’s 11:30 at night. You’ve worked another long day. The kids are finally asleep. All you want is to crawl into bed and close your eyes. Brushing and flossing your teeth seemslike a daunting task. You’re sure it’ll be ok to skip it tonight as you […]

The Truth about Dental Implants

Do numbers speak to you? For example, if statistics show that 96.5% of those who’ve received laser eye correction recommend it to their family and friends, would it help get you off the fence in applying the decision to yourself? Due to tooth decay, gum disease, or injury, are you facing a decision regarding how […]

5 Fantastic Non-Alcoholic Holiday Drinks | Holiday Survival Guide

We’ve put together a presentation of some delicious holiday drinks that are easy, fun, and appropriate for all ages. Whether you decide on a hot or cold drink, you can’t go wrong. So check these recipes out and stir up a little holiday fun. Share these and let us know your favorites! Happy holidays from […]

BOTOX to treat TMJ?

Michael Skidmore, DDS - Temecula Dentist

TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome) is when the temporomandibular joint, which connects the mandible to the skull, becomes inflamed. TMJ is caused by a variety of things. The most common include grinding ones teeth (Bruxism) and trauma to the jaw. It can be acute or chronic, and can vary from nothing more than minor discomfort or to […]

Dentist in Temecula Provides Free Screenings and Education to Local Schools

Michael Skidmore, DDS - Temecula Dentist

Temecula Dentist, Dr. Skidmore Volunteers at Temecula Elementary School Dr. Michael Skidmore of Temecula and his dental assistant spent the day with students at a local elementary school, where they received dental screenings. Dr. Skidmore, a Temecula dentist, taught the kids how to brush, floss and maintain good dental health. For some students, this was […]

Cosmetic Dentistry White Fillings

Michael Skidmore, DDS - Temecula Dentist

White vs Silver Fillings This article, courtesy of Temecula dentist Dr Skidmore, helps to explain the difference between white and silver fillings. White fillings are a composite resin material that mimics natural tooth. Silver fillings are a blend of metals including mercury, silver, gold etc. Tooth colored fillings allow the cosmetic dentist to be more […]

Dental Crowns for a Healthy, Beautiful Smile

Michael Skidmore, DDS - Temecula Dentist

Your dentist in Temecula, Dr. Michael Skidmore, as well as the rest of our skilled team care about the health and appearance of your smile! If you’ve received a recommendation from your friendly dentist in Temecula that a crown is necessary to restore one of your teeth, perhaps you’re interested in learning more. What exactly […]