A Reason to Avoid the Green Beer!

Michael Skidmore, DDS - Temecula Dentist

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! For many of you in Temecula, this Irish celebration calls for the illustrious “Green Beer”, but if you are in the process of whitening your teeth, you may want to rethink the color of your beverage today.

During the whitening process St Patricks Daythe pores of the enamel are opened from the use of bleaching agents, allowing the bleaching agents to penetrate the dentin layer of the tooth.  It is very important that during this time you avoid foods and beverages that contain high levels of pigment, such as yellow mustard, grape juice, red wine, tomato sauce… you get the point.

So why is “Green Beer” a “NO NO” for people that are whitening their teeth?  The green food coloring added to the beer, could also penetrate the tooth resulting in a green tinge to the teeth.  In place of green beer, consider an Irish feast for dinner, just remember to hold the mustard!