Oral Cancer and HPV

Oral Cancer

Did you know that oral cancer is one of the fastest growing types of cancer that we are seeing today? Maintaining your regular dental check-ups with Dr. Skidmore can certainly help identify potential warning signs of oral cancer.

There are two major causes of oral cancer. The first cause of oral cancer is environmental, primarily due to smoking & alcohol consumption. The other cause of oral cancer is HPV, or the human papillamavirus.

– Oral cancer kills one person every hour of every day.
– Oral cancer is one of the fastest growing types of cancer.
– There is a vaccine for HPV.

Oral Cancer Screanings

A lot of us have heard of HPV, the human papillomavirus, which is the leading cause of cervical cancer. Did you know that a strain of that same virus is also the cause of an increasing number of oral cancers?

Here are some identifiable signs and symptoms to be aware of during your daily oral hygiene care.

A skin lesion, lump, or ulcer that does not resolve in 14 days:

  • Usually small on the tongue, lip, or other mouth areas
  • Most often pale colored, can be dark or discolored
  • Early sign may be a white patch (leukoplakia) or a red patch (erythroplakia) on the soft tissues of the mouth
  • Usually painless initially-Pain and paraesthesia are late symptoms.
  • May develop a burning sensation or pain when the tumor is advanced
  • Behind the wisdom tooth (can even be found behind the ear)
  • Tongue problems, mouth sores, and difficulty swallowing

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