Our Dental Staff is a TEAM at Temecula Dentist, Dr. Skidmore’s office

Michael Skidmore, DDS - Temecula Dentist

It may be 5 months late, but here are some pictures from our Christmas Party!  We had a great time getting together outside of the office.  We are so fortunate to have such a great team and work so well together.  You will definitely notice a difference from other Temecula Dentists offices.  Our atmospthere is friendly, caring and we treat you like we treat family.  Our whole staff will take the time to get know you and treat you like a real person.

No other dentists in Temecula have as much fun as we do.  The fact that we work as a team is actually a great benefit to our patients.  Our Temecula dentist office is dedicated to providing high quality treatments with a caring atmospere.

Temecula Dentist Christmas Party Dinner

Jenn, our Dental Hyginist at our Temecula Dental office

Dr Skidmore is a Dentist in Temecula. He is one of Temecula’s dentists that provides comprehensive dental care including Invisalign in Temecula, Snap on Smile in Temecula, Veneers in Temecula, and teeth whitening in Temecula.